Primeworks, supplier of tools for SQL Server Compact, is closing, making all products free, open source

João Paulo Figueira, owner of Primeworks,, just announced that the company is closing. In a blog posting João announced yesterday: “The business volume has decreased so steeply that it can no longer support the product development and support.”

Primeworks offers complete set of excellent tools for working with all versions of SQL Server Compact database files, both on the desktop and directly on a Windows Mobile/CE device.

Luckily, the tools will continue to be available for download, and eventually even become open source.  João states: “In the very near future, all products will be removed from our online business platform and the licensing requirements removed from the distribution installers. All products will be essentially free (copyrights retained). Next, I will devote some time to publish all the source code and convert these products into open source projects.”

I am sorry to see Primeworks leave the market, but very happy that the excellent tools will now become available for free.

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